The UC Accents Color Guard

The Bearcat Band Accents Color Guard consists of twenty students proficient in flag, rifle, saber, and dance skills to support the musical presentations of the UC Bearcat Band. The guard has participated in the Tri- State Winter Guard circuit for the past fifteen years either competitively or in festival class depending on age requirements of our members.

The Color Guard is also an integral section within the band. They also have options during the winter that include participating on a musical instrument, competing in Winter Guard, or enrolling in an equipment/dance training class. Each member receives academic credit and participates in the band's scholarship program.

2011-2012 Guard Membership: Annie Olsieski, Laura Picard, Allison Budd, Katie Debnar, Kiley Nolan, Michelle Rollinson, Molly Tomi, Dani Kirpatrick, Lauren Barrett, Claire Chirgott, Jessie D'Amico, Carolyn Kaufman, Kayla Knue, Stephanie Picard, Caitlyn Schlie, Ciara Ward, Darion Ziegler, Chantel Wright, Victoria Werth

The UC Accent Feature Twirlers

The "Feature Twirlers" perform as a complete unit and as singular featured soloists at band events. In 2010 the twirler unit was expanded from three feature twirlers to six because of the extremely high skill levels, talents and achievements of incoming students to our program. The twirlers are always presented as individual "Featured Twirlers". The size of our University stadium and other venues allow our band to present as many as six different twirling routines at the same time. The twirlers also present pairs and full ensemble routines as well as individual programming.

The UC Accent Feature Twirlers earned National Champion status as a unit in 2011 as well as Ohio Collegiate Champions and Collegiate individual championships.

2011 Championship Members: Courtney Borowitz, Kelly Painter, Katie Hart, Alexis Abraham, Katherine, Hall, Brittany Ziegler
2012 Championship Members: Kelly Painter, Katie Hart, Alexis Abraham, Katherine, Hall, Brittany Ziegler, Courtney Gleason

The UC Bearcat Band Accent Feature Twirlers will be competing in the spring of 2012 for local and national honors in NBTA and TU organizations. Exact dates and locations are posed on the band calendar.