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Leadership and Organization

The UC Bearcat Bands is comprised of several support groups which help maintain, lead, and sustain the band program at the University of Cincinnati. These are the directors, staff, drum majors, section leaders, UC Band Council, and honorary fraternal organizations. Each branch of our band organization serves a specific role in preserving over 90 years of continued band excellence. The UC Band is an exceptional organization in that it provides many opportunities for student initiative and leadership within the band.

Drum Majors

The Drum Major is the direct agent of the band director and is the highest-ranking student in the organization. Multiple Drum Majors are in turn ranked by the director. The primary responsibility is to conduct designated rehearsals and performances. The Drum Major relays any information: rehearsals, performances and schedules to the band. The Drum Major is the primary student representative of the band. Information from the band should be collected by the Drum Majors and relayed to the band director. The Drum Major is also the principle contact for the director. The director informs the Drum Major of any information necessary and they in turn contact officers, section leaders, etc. (WTLB 2010)

Section Leaders

Each section of the band is comprised of one or more section and squad leaders. The duties of a section leader shall include, but may not be limited to the following: conduct, communication, attendance, music, drill, inspections, cooperation, and compliance. Section leaders report to the drum majors and are typically most active during marching season. Section leaders lead weekly sectionals and maintain the communication and traditions within the band’s individual sections.

Band Council and Appointed Officers

The UC Band Council is comprised of both an elected executive council and appointed officers (these offices are listed below). The executive council is elected by the voting members of the band each year and is charged with the governance of the student leadership of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands. The elected council heads up social aspects of the band program in addition to collecting band dues, minor fundraising, band recruiting and promotion, publishing newsletters, organizing awards, and maintaining its history and traditions. The appointed officers are charged with more maintenance related duties such as cleaning the band room and keeping track of the band instruments and locker system.

Elected Offices:

President: Benjamin Trubach
  • Preside over all meetings
  • Serve as the official liaison between the UC Bearcat Bands and all support organizations
  • Make announcements at the conclusion of all meetings and rehearsals
  • Serve as the official spokesman of the UC Bearcat Bands

Vice President: Harley Rider
  • Develop the leadership and musicianship of the band
  • Oversee regular operations of Band Council
  • Evaluate other officers
  • Chair the Development Committee

Secretary-Treasurer: Ashley Lengel
  • Produce and maintain a directory of band members
  • Record the minutes of all meetings and take attendance
  • Maintain the financial accounts of the band and collect outstanding dues
  • Organize band fundraisers
  • Submit a report at the end of each semester detailing financial activity
  • Chair the Finance Committee

Public Relations Coordinator: Nicole Price
  • Monitor and maintain public image and Internet presence of the band
  • Coordinate activities to assist in recruitment, on- and off-campus
  • Coordinate promotion of the band, including distributing advertisements and other forms of public communication
  • Synchronize all prospective member contact information with the Director’s office
  • Chair the Public Relations Committee

Internal Relations Coordinator: Hannah Lewallen
  • Responsible for member satisfaction and retention
  • Arrange social functions including community service, Band Informal and Formal
  • Coordinate a mentorship program pairing new members with returning members
  • Administer awards to band members where appropriate
  • Coordinate availability of band merchandise and apparel
  • Coordinate homestays during summer camps
  • Chair the Internal Relations Committee

Publications Editor: Hayley Drewyor
  • Produce and distribute a regular band newsletter containing various updates
  • Design advertisements, posters, brochures, and other documents needed by the band
  • Assist with the productions of the band handbook, Words to Live by
  • Compile a presentation of the bands travels, events, performances and other activities
  • Chair the Publications Committee

Historian: Dan Hethcox
  • Maintain the history and traditions and all records, including constitution, bylaws, etc. of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands
  • Serve as photographer and document the band's events, performances, band camps, and travel events
  • Coordinate the production of the band handbook, Words to Live By
  • Coordinate a program to familiarize members with the history and traditions of the band
  • Chair the History Committee

Appointed Offices:

Band Room Manager: Thomas Braun - Sam Holcomb - David Tangeman
  • Responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the band room

Equipment Manager: Tony Halusek - Tim Hawk - Stephen Krishnan - Steve Otto
  • Maintain any and all equipment needed for the betterment of band activities
  • Responsible for recommending the need of new equipment to the Director
  • Cataloging all equipment used/owned by the band

Instrument Manager: Karissa Schroeter - Billy Huyhn - Zach Wycuff
  • Responsible for the repair of broken or disbanded instruments
  • Responsible for cataloging, collection, and distribution of instruments

Uniform Manager: Megan Sexton - Alex Monin
  • Handle the maintenance and distribution of the marching band uniforms
  • Allocation, collection, and distribution of basketball jerseys and other uniform regalia to the band
  • Responsible for the cataloging and the tracking of each uniform article (hat, jersey, shirt, etc) throughout the band year

Music Librarian: Brittany Zeller - Samantha Jarrett - Liz Daily
  • Responsible for the distribution and maintenance of music and flip folders
  • Responsible for the distribution of Section Leader folders and additional copies as required

Webmaster: Zachary Climes
  • Responsible for the maintenance of all affiliate websites

Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma

Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma are each an honorary service fraternity and sorority (respectively) designed to support college bands and the community in which they operate. The chapters of these organizations at the University of Cincinnati are the Upsilon and Theta chapters. The brothers of the Upsilon Chapter work throughout the year to provide the Bearcat Bands with equipment, instruments, financial support, physical maintenance, technological expertise, and services for all members. In addition to supporting the Bearcat Bands, Upsilon also reaches out to the musical community to lend a helping hand when opportunities present themselves. Likewise, the sisters of the Theta Chapter work throughout the year to provide the Bearcat Bands with equipment, instruments, financial support, and services for all members. In addition to supporting the Bearcat Bands, Theta also proactively seeks out ways to help the community as it relates to music.